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Carpet & Area Rug Care

Preserve the life of your floors

  • Wear slippers to prevent body oils from promoting soiling.
  • Most manufacturers will recommend professional steam cleaning at least every eighteen months. Depending on lifestyle, some homes may require more.
  • Frequent professional cleaning, especially traffic lanes and stairs helps to reduce the appearance of packing and matting.
  • Professional cleaning companies that utilize hot water extraction will provide you with the most satisfying results.
  • We DO NOT recommend home or rental carpet steamers or cleaners. Most problems in do-it-yourself cleaning are due to over wetting and use of excessive detergent.
  • No carpet is stain proof. All stains are less difficult to remove if attended to immediately. Refer to the manufacturers warranty for approved stain removal methods.
  • Area rugs should be rotated periodically to prevent traffic patterns.
  • Using underlay will prevent area rugs from slipping.

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