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Hardwood Floor Care

Hardwood is prized not only for its luxurious and sophisticated appearance, but also for the value it adds to a home. Hardwood flooring is an investment, and if cared for properly, it can last the life of your home.

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Contempa Carpet Company wants you to be comfortable and happy with the purchase of hardwood flooring for your home. Our intent is to provide as much information on the limitations of hardwood as a floorcovering prior to your purchase. Note that active homes may not be well suited to this type of flooring.

DENTS AND SCRATCHES – All hardwood will dent, chip and scratch no matter what finish is applied. The finish does not make the wood any harder or resistant to dents, scratches or any damage. Wood flooring is made of the same wood as cabinets and furniture. Would you walk on these items? Neither manufacturer nor Contempa warranty wood against damage, however it is caused.

GAPPING – Before installation we test the wood and the home to ensure the moisture content is correct. If there is any unacceptable variation from recommendations we WILL NOT INSTALL your floor until acceptable readings can be obtained. Gapping after installation is due to poor environmental conditions in the occupied home. Humidity levels must be where the manufacturer recommends, usually between 35 and 55 percent relative humidity in your home. Boards 3″ and wider are also subject to bigger and more gaps than 2 ¼” products. Even with proper humidity levels in your home, wide plank solid wood floors WILL GAP. Neither manufacturer nor Contempa can warranty against gaps that occur.

FILLER – Is also part of a hardwood floor installation for both touch up and repair.

A copy of this information should be kept with your files and is provided for your benefit, before the purchase of a hardwood floor.